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Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation is community based, organized to provide housing, housing facilities and supportive social, communal and commercial facilities and services, as well as to provide consulting and technical services to block clubs, associations and others In the community as well as outside of the community. Remember! These are all free services.

DNPHC initiates & implements innovative housing programs that help assure decent, affordable housing for low and moderate income families and individuals.

(DNPHC) is a Non-Profit tax exempt (501) (c) (3) Corporation. We provide foreclosure prevention counseling and 1st Time Homebuyer classes to the general public.

Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation holds great housing experience that will impact commercial revitalization of Woodward Avenue. Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation's efforts will bring the customer base to the businesses by:

  1. Marketing people moving into the district

  2. Promoting the district to people already living and working there

  3. Recruiting new people to move into the district

  4. Providing employees from the resident base.

Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation is strategically located on W. Grand Blvd. near Woodward Avenue in the heart of the New Center and Midtown area.

DNPHC advocates for equitable housing policies and strategies at the local, state, and federal levels of government. DNPHC provides a service model that can be replicated in many neighborhoods throughout the nation in order to positively impact housing strategies.

DNPHC provides information and service systems that respond to the housing needs of low and moderate income housing consumers.


Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation was validly incorporated on March 18. 1971, as a Michigan Non-Profit Corporation and said corporation is validly in existence under the laws of this state.

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority has reviewed and hereby certifies that Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation is qualified to provide homeownership training and education services in support of The Michigan Initiative and other efforts to expand homeownership opportunities for Michigan residents.

The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development approves the Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation as a Housing Counseling Agency. the entity has (1) met the Department's initial approval criteria and (2) submitted an acceptable housing counseling plan to serve the entity's target community.

Detroit Non-profit Housing Corporation is in process of developing new housing in the Woodward area. Two (2) homes have been constructed and sold. Five (5) more will be built when the economy shows substantial improvement. The builder is Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation, itself.

Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation has rehabilitated/repaired 5 single building neighborhood facilities for community groups utilizing block grant funds.

Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation was awarded a substantial number of properties by the Revitalife Program. (now the State of Michigan Fast Tract Authority). The structures will be rehabilitated for sale or rent to low-income families.

Past Efforts include:

1995 - Developed strategic plan for preservation, maintenance and development of the North End Area. Areas covered included housing, education, social services, commercial and industrial uses. Partners are North End Citizens Association, Moore Community Council, Arden Park, East Boston Association, of Neighborhoods and Block Clubs.

1997 - Community Reinvestment Strategies: Director and key staff participated as Stakeholders in development of Cluster 4 strategy recommendation.

1998-2003- Jointly with planning and Development Department and North End Citizens Association Council planned and hosted Lead Awareness Town Hall meeting for Clusters 4 and 6. Developed Lead Awareness outreach to the North End Community to identify children under 6 who might be impacted by lead hazards. Home repairs and lead abatement assistance was provided by North End Citizen Association with NOF grant award funds managed by Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation.

1998- The City planning Commission D.O.C.T.O.R. program, (Developing Organization's Capacity to operate Resourcefully)

Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation financially sponsored two key staff members and participation in the Doctor program taught by faculty from Central Michigan University. The Comprehensive curriculum was compiled to assist attendees to successfully develop their commercial strips and enhance the viability of existing and future businesses.

Experts from banks for profits, non-profits and others provided their insights on special topics. The training lasted nearly a year. Two Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation staff completed the program and were awarded Economic Development Specialists Certificates. One is still employed with the agency, the other is available as a consultant.



Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation was founded in 1971 with the vision of creating solutions and developing strategies to assist residents of the Detroit area in addressing the need for affordable, decent, low & moderate income housing.

This Goal has remained at the forefront of the agency's focus.

DNPHC believes that every citizen has a right to adequate, decent and affordable housing. In an effort to assure that this philosophy becomes a reality, DNPHC will serve as a mediator, counselor and advocate in bridging the gap between the private sector, government and the community in addressing housing strategies.

Fair Housing is your right!

The Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation's Mission & Goals are as followed:

Improve the quality of life for residents, businesses, and institutions in the Woodward North End Community. It is our goal to promote homeownership, provide for revitalization and preservation of the neighborhood, and instill a sense of pride and ownership in the community.


A special outreach activity will be targeted to the small businesses operating along the Woodward Corridor. Technical assistance and mentoring will be considered.

We will tap an unheralded local leadership source and that is the precinct delegate. The precinct delegate serves a micro constituency with one-on-one contact. He is committed to citizen involvement and improving the lives of his constituents. The established local leadership will be encouraged to maintain high visibility in providing information to the community especially on matters that impact their quality of life.

Minority Business Development and similar organizations will be recruited to provide guidance and assistance to businesses where needed.

We will encourage businesses to hire neighborhood residents, this will be a visible positive change that will elicit community support and patronage. We will design a program that will minimize the number of for-sale signs and vacant houses and buildings that drain a community. Our focus is positive change that requires professional assistance

There are many historic homes, churches and buildings in the area that provide a good social and economic foundation, as well as a solid reputation of the community as a grand place to live.

Facade symmetry, beauty and compatibility with the classic elegance of the North End dwellings, churches, schools, boulevards and streets will be hallmarks of our business facilities design. Promotional campaigns will showcase our vision accordingly.

To raise funds to help pay for this quality of excellence, a fundraising team will be created immediately.

We will develop strategies to encourage businesses to provide the goods and services that people want and need but cannot find in the area. We will promote the renaissance to residents and other areas including Highland Park, Hamtramack, Ferndale and adjacent clusters. We will improve the surrounding neighborhoods so that people will feel safe when patronizing Woodward Avenue Businesses.



Services Provided:

Comprehensive Housing Counseling, HUD and Michigan State Housing Development Authority in 1972 and 1990 respectively. Counseling areas include pre-purchase, default mortgage, foreclosure prevention, reverse mortgage counseling for seniors, locating suitable housing, down payment assistance and Home Choice down payment assistance for the disabled. From this client base of people seeking housing or housing assistance there is a potential customer pool for commercial businesses.

Last year we served 1,110 families at our Woodward Avenue Office.

Housing Rehabilitation and Home Repairs

Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation provides technical services to the North End Citizens Association in the eligibility and qualification of homeowners. Currently 19-20 homeowners will receive home repair grants.

Notes: Since 1976 Detroit Non-profit Housing Corporation has managed Home Repair grants for 20-34 neighborhood groups, over 3,000 homes have been repaired. This arrangement ended in 2003 when Planning & Developments decided to perform this function in-house.

Counseling Services:

The Comprehensive Housing Counseling Program includes a full range of services, advice and assistance to housing consumers.

Mortgage/Foreclosure Prevention

Home Buyer Education Programs

Loss Mitigation

Marketing and Outreach Initiatives

Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution Counseling

Pre Purchase Counseling,

Post Purchase Counseling

Financial Literacy

Predatory Lending

We have Counselors on hand ready to serve you.

All of these services and more are FREE!

We are a Non-Profit Organization

Tax Exempt 501(c)(3)



2990 W. Grand Blvd Suite 200
Detroit, MI 48202


The Detroit Non- Profit Housing Corporation is pleased to announce the showcasing of our Official Website. The Website will open up news avenues of communication to our clients and the entire Community.

We would also like to inform you of the new addition of our new toll free 800 number: (888) 527-1357

As of May 23, 2011, All of our Counselors have been issued their very own Personal/Business email accounts.

Hopefully, This will open up more avenues for our staff as well as our Community to communicate with each other.

We are now also happy to announce that you can now join us on the Facebook and Twitter Social Networks.

This News Blog was initiated to keep our Staff as well as the Community informed of various Events

Current Events: There are no current events happening at this time.

FYI: 10 tips to avoid foreclosure:

  1. Don't ignore the problem.

  2. Contact your lender as soon as you realize that you have a problem.

  3. Open and respond to all mail from your lender.

  4. know your mortgage rights.

  5. Understand foreclosure prevention options.

  6. Contact a Detroit Non-Profit Housing Counselor.

  7. Prioritize your spending.

  8. Use your assets.

  9. Avoid foreclosure prevention companies.

  10. Don't lose your house to foreclosure recovery scams!