Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation


Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation was founded in 1971 with the vision of creating solutions and developing strategies to assist residents of the Detroit area in addressing the need for affordable, decent, low & moderate income housing.

This Goal has remained at the forefront of the agency's focus.

DNPHC believes that every citizen has a right to adequate, decent and affordable housing. In an effort to assure that this philosophy becomes a reality, DNPHC will serve as a mediator, counselor and advocate in bridging the gap between the private sector, government and the community in addressing housing strategies.

Fair Housing is your right!

The Detroit Non-Profit Housing Corporation's Mission & Goals are as followed:

Improve the quality of life for residents, businesses, and institutions in the Woodward North End Community. It is our goal to promote homeownership, provide for revitalization and preservation of the neighborhood, and instill a sense of pride and ownership in the community.


A special outreach activity will be targeted to the small businesses operating along the Woodward Corridor. Technical assistance and mentoring will be considered.

We will tap an unheralded local leadership source and that is the precinct delegate. The precinct delegate serves a micro constituency with one-on-one contact. He is committed to citizen involvement and improving the lives of his constituents. The established local leadership will be encouraged to maintain high visibility in providing information to the community especially  on matters that impact their quality of life.

Minority Business Development and similar organizations will be recruited to provide guidance and assistance to businesses where needed.

We will encourage businesses to hire neighborhood residents, this will be a visible positive change that will elicit community support and patronage. We will design a program that will minimize the number of for-sale signs and vacant houses and buildings that drain a community. Our focus is positive change that requires professional assistance

There are many historic homes, churches and buildings in the area that provide a good social and economic foundation, as well as a solid reputation of the community as a grand place to live.

Facade symmetry, beauty and compatibility with the classic elegance of the North End dwellings, churches, schools, boulevards and streets will be hallmarks of our business facilities design. Promotional campaigns will showcase our vision accordingly.

To raise funds to help pay for this quality of excellence, a fundraising team will be created immediately.

We will develop strategies to encourage businesses to provide the goods and services that people want and need but cannot find in the area. We will promote the renaissance to residents and other areas including Highland Park, Hamtramack, Ferndale and adjacent clusters. We will improve the surrounding neighborhoods so that people will feel safe when patronizing Woodward Avenue Businesses.